Wu-Tang Clan poses for a portrait on May 8, 1993 on Staten Island in New York City, New York.
Wu-Tang Clan poses for a portrait on May 8, 1993 on Staten Island in New York City, New York.
Photo by Al Pereira for Michael Ochs Archives via Getty Images.

Wu-Tang Clan is Reportedly Working with Xbox on a New Video Game

Gaming insiders claim Xbox Game Studios is developing a new role-playing game based on "the lore of Wu-Tang" with Shaolin's finest.

Wu-Tang Clan may be jumping back into the world of gaming.

According to a recent episode of Jez Corden's Xbox Two Podcast, Xbox Game Studios has teamed up with Brass Lion Entertainment to develop a new video game with the iconic rap group. Aptly-dubbed "Project Shaolin," the game is said to be an RPG based on "the lore of Wu-Tang." It's still unclear whether that "lore" refers to the mysticism the group has been threading into their music from the jump or the actual martial art style that inspired their name.

But regardless of which Wu-Tang ends up in the story, the group will at least be handling the musical component of this thing. On the latest episode of his Gamesbeat Decides podcast, gaming insider corroborates Jeff Grubb corroborates Corden's report, but adds Wu-Tang is set to create an original score for the project.

Whatever's en route from Wu-Tang and Xbox, it won't be the first time the group has appeared in or been a part of a video game's development. In 1999, the group released Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style, a fighting game for Playstation that imagined the group as disciples of a famed kung-fu master, who had been captured by a warlord of some sort. In 2003, Method Man and Ghostface Killah appeared in Def Jam Vendetta and the 2005 sequel, Def Jam: Fight for New York.

As far as a time frame for release (or really any other details about the game,) we're just gonna have to wait it out. Hold tight for updates in the months ahead.