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Fat Joe Says He Passed On A Young Eminem’s Demo Tape “Like Six Different Times”

Fat Joe Says He Passed On A Young Eminem’s Demo Tape “Like Six Different Times”

Fat Joe Says He Passed On A Young Eminem's Demo Tape "Like Six Different Times"
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The Terror Squad frontman told Miami’s Jamz 99.1 FM station that he slept on Eminem’s demo tape on multiple occasions.

There are plenty of examples of missed opportunities in hip-hop history. Luckily for Fat Joe and Eminem, their example eventually worked out for both of them. In an interview with Miami’s Jamz 99.1, Fat Joe says the Detroit MC handed him a demo tape “like six different times” while the two were in Miami.

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“Everywhere I went,” Joe said, “was this little white boy who kept giving me his demo. He was like ‘yo, listen to my music, I’m nice.’ I didn’t do it, and now he’s the biggest guy in the universe.”

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Joe went on to say a similar situation occurred with Rick Ross, and additionally gave the story of how he got Pitbull his first record deal with TVT Records. “I took Pitbull’s demo to New York,” he continued. “Robbie Fernandez was still part of his management team. Rob is my brother, he took care of me when I ain’t have no money. He gave me [Pitbull’s] music, I heard it, then when I went to New York I was like ‘yo, this is the next one.’ And we signed Pitbull, that’s a fact.”

Joe mentioned that he has an upcoming album set for release on December 7. According to Page Six, Joe also has a comedy series titled Mi Nuevo Barrio in the works.

H/T: Uproxx, Page Six


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