Watch The Opening Scene Of Flying Lotus' 'Kuso'

Watch The Opening Scene Of Flying Lotus' 'Kuso'

Watch The Opening Scene Of Flying Lotus' 'Kuso'

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The opening sequence of Kuso is easily the tamest part of the entire film.

Today marks the release of Flying Lotus‘ directorial feature film debut Kuso on Shudder. In honor of its release, FlyLo has released the opening sequence of the movie, which features rapper Busdriver offering a spoken word introduction over spastic jazz music.

“Your god is from the underground,” Busdriver begins, his performance foreshadowing the absurdity and insanity that Kuso has made headlines for. Overall, it’s Naked City meets The Eric Andre Show, with Busdriver adding his own avant-garde rap sensibilities to it all.

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Our very own Elijah Watson went to two showings of the movie when FlyLo premiered it in New York, concluding that the movie was worth a watch, especially if you’re able to check it out in a theater with other people.

“A part of the allure of Kuso is the sociological experiment it encourages — seeing how other people react to the film,” Watson wrote. “Throughout the week Ellison premiered his directorial film debut in New York City with two showings — one at the House Of Vans and the other at Nitehawk Cinema. The venues are drastically different from one another — the former, hosts various events (concerts, movie showings) and resides inside a skate park, while the latter functions solely as a movie theater. So, experiencing Kuso twice in a row in different spaces with different people was revelatory, as our thresholds for the absurd were challenged in real time.”

Check out the scene below.

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