Jay Ellis Returned to ‘Insecure’ Last Night & the #LawrenceHive Rejoiced

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Lawrence Hive is Back
Source: HBO
Lawrence Hive is Back

Source: HBO

#LawrenceHive members report for duty

Before Season three of Insecure premiered, Issa Rae revealed that Lawrence, a major character from the first two seasons, would not be heavily featured in the new season, saying “we’re taking a break from Lawrence.”

She has mostly kept her word. Lawrence hasn’t appeared in the first four episodes.

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Things changed on Sunday (September 10th) when Lawrence made a surprise visit at the end of episode five. In the episode, Lawrence and Issa bump into each other in a 7-Eleven. The episode then ended. But, judging from the new trailer, It looks like Lawrence will be featured prominently in the next episode.

It came to surprise to everyone watching. And, of course, #LawrenceHive rejoiced:


Jay Ellis also sent out a tweet about the appearance:

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Vulture published an interview with Ellis, where they talked about Lawerence’s return. When asked why was the character gone for so long, Ellis said:

It’s something that happens in real life. You break up with someone and you take a break. That’s just the nature of relationships, the seasons of relationships, and the seasons of life, right? That’s what we were seeing with Issa and Lawrence. The two of them were… not even taking a break, they were just living their lives, and for them to live their lives doesn’t mean they’re necessarily going to cross paths anymore.

After the episode aired, Issa went to Twitter to clear up any allegations that she mislead people before the season started.

Source: Vulture 

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