TLC Drops Their New Single Haters
TLC Drops Their New Single Haters
Photo courtesy of TLC.

TLC Drops Their New Single "Haters" + Announces the Title for their Upcoming Album

TLC Drops Their New Single \u2018Haters\u2019 Photo courtesy of TLC.

About a month ago, TLC announced that they were releasing their new album on June 3oth. This was a relief to the thousands who helped Kickstart the project.  They also were asking fans for help with a title.

And the fans came through. The new album will be titled TLC. Catchy, isn't it? With that title, the duo also released their new single, called "Haters." The song, which we previewed a couple of months ago, isn't as negative as the title sounds; "Haters" is all about ignoring negative people and living your best life.

We're all here for that message and it's a nice sounding bop.

The duo also revealed the tracklist for their self-titled album, which will feature "Haters" and the Snoop Dogg-featured "Way Back:"

1. “No Introduction”

2. “Way Back” (Feat. Snoop Dogg)

3. “It’s Sunny”

4. “Haters”

5. “Perfect Girls”

6. “Interlude”

7. “Start a Fire”

8. “American Hold”

9. “Scandalous”

10. “Aye MuthaFucka”

11. “Joy Ride”

12. “Way Back” (Feat. Snoop Dogg) [Extended Version]

TLC will drop on June 30th. Listen to "Haters" here.