Terence Nance (AKA Terence Etc.) Returns With New Song "Things I Never Had" [Premiere]

Terence Nance (AKA Terence Etc.) Returns With New Song "Things I Never Had" [Premiere]

Terence Etc.'s "Things I Never Had" Recalls A Love That May Never Have Existed [Premiere]

Source: Terence Nance

After making his debut as Terence Etc. with “Infinince or Infinity,” Terence Nance returns with “Things I Never Had.”

The track begins as a folk song with Nance’s acoustic guitar strums accompanying a story presumably about a former lover. But the narrative starts to unravel as Nance can’t recall if the lover existed or not.

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“I love you very much but I’m not sure that you exist or ever did/I pray that you did live outside my head,” he sings before repeating the phrase “things I never had” as the track divulges into a whirlpool of synths and electronic sounds.

Like “Infinince or Infinity,” “Things I Never Had” also has a second part to it, transitioning from its folk introduction into a more experimental territory.

“This song is about how powerful my imagination is, but also how that power is often unhelpful,” Nance said.

“Things I Never Had” features Solomon Dorsey on bass and background vocals; Nick Semrad on keys and background vocals by Nick Hakim. The track was produced by Dorsey and Hakim and comes from his forthcoming untitled EP.

Recently, Okayplayer spoke with Nance about his HBO television series Random Acts of Flyness, and how Dallas influences the show, is thoughts on the word “surrealism” and hot it pertains to black film and TV and more.

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