Scott Heins Jay Electronica CMJ 2-1
Jay Electronica performs at the Santos Party House CMJ takeover -- Photo by Scott Heins
Photo by Scott Heins for Okayplayer

Listen to Jay Electronica's First Verse of 2019 on Rosie Lowe's "The Way"

Scott Heins Jay Electronica CMJ 2-1 Photo Credit: Scott Heins for Okayplayer

Jay Electronica can still rap very well.

We have the first new Jay Electronicaverse of 2019. And, interestingly enough, it's not on a rap song.

British pop singer Rosie Lowe released her new album YU on Friday, May 10th. On the album is "The Way," a song that features an extended verse from Jay Electronica.

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On the verse, Jay touches on a number of different subjects, as he raps:

 So I hung my home hat on the horns of the beast,  no nation, word to Fela. Just me and myself, that’s word to De La. Little miss Rosie, no rings around her. Pocket full of posies, no kings around her. Nothing left to do but get lost in love, like New Edition, and tie strings around her.

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It's a dope track and an interesting change for Jay. Listen to the track below.