The New SAULT Album Will Self-Destruct in 99 Days
The New SAULT Album Will Self-Destruct in 99 Days
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The New SAULT Album Will Self-Destruct in 99 Days

SAULT announces a new album with a short shelf life.

After dropping not one, but two, of 2020's most acclaimed projects, SAULT is returning with a new album next week. But there's a catch.0

According to a recent Instagram post from the group (see below,) their incoming album, NINE (9,) will fittingly "exist for only ninety nine days." The post also notes NINE will be available to purchase digitally and on vinyl alongside a streaming release. On a dedicated page for the album, a countdown to (and through?) the release of the album currently reads "107 days left of NINE," after which the album will presumably be pulled from DSPs and almost instantly amp up the price of a copy on vinyl. So maybe don't get caught in the aftermarket on this one.

NINE is at least conceptually aligned with two albums from the enigmatic UK collective, 5 and 7, hinting at a sequel of sorts to the expansive, genre-blurring releases. Last year, another pair of projects, Untitled (Rise) and Untitled (Black Is,) landed atop nearly every publication's list of year-end superlatives.

You can read the album's announcement below. Keep an eye on for the album's digital and physical releases on June 25th to avoid the oddly short shelf life.

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