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Kehlani Dives Deep Into New Album 'Blue Water Road'

On Friday, Kehlani released her new album Blue Water Road, with features from Syd, Thundercat, Blxst, Jessie Reyez, Ambré and Justin Bieber.

Kehlani has taken an introspective drive down Blue Water Road. Their latest album comes just two years after their 2020 release It Was Good Until It Wasn't. In a recent interview with NME, the singer reflected on their previous album.

“I [was] definitely stuck in this toxic, very dark, hypersexual pocket of songwriting, which was cool for the time that I was in,” Kehlani said. “That’s really where I was at, but I think my music is always going to be deeply affected by whatever mindset change I’m going through.”

Sharing their thoughts on the lightness of Blue Water Road, Kehlani opined that "with the amount of healing people are doing right now, there’s gonna be a lot more artists making happy music in the coming years.” With production from Pop Wansel, Daoud, daedaePIVOT and others, Kehlani's new album features Justin Bieber, Blxst, Syd, Thundercat, Ambré and Jessie Reyez.

“I want you to hear the time we put into it, the dedication we put into it, the joy we put into it, and the heart we put into it. There’s a serious pulse. I’m at peace now,” Kehlani explained in a statement. “I’m just a hard-working mom who is only focused on creating my own little world with my family. I’m a completely different person than I could’ve been, even in my wildest dreams. When you listen to this, I really hope you feel like you went to Blue Water Road and were there with me.”

Stream Blue Water Road below.

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