Watch ‘The Simpsons’ Special Hip-Hop Themed Episode “The Great Phatsby”

'The Simpsons' To Do First Ever Hour Long Hip Hop Episode

The Simpsons

The much anticipated hour long The Simpsons hip-hop themed episode is now out and available to stream. The episode premiered this past Sunday, January 15th on FOX. The episode, which is titled “The Great Phatsby,” is based on F. Scott Fitzgerald‘s classic novel The Great Gatsby. The Simpsons’ first episode debuted all the way back in December of 1989 and is now on season 28. Snoop Dogg, RZACommon, Taraji P. Henson, Keegan-Michael KeyCharles Barkley and others are featured in the special “The Great Phatsby” episode. RZA, Common, and Snoop Dogg voice themselves while Taraji P. Henson plays Praline. Keegan-Michael Key plays the character of a washed up rapper named Jazzy JamesJim Beanz, a producer and musician who works on FOX’s Empire, created original music for the episode. Scroll down to listen to a hip hop/trap remix of The Simpsons’ theme song made by Beanz. Much of the episode takes place at Mr. Burns‘ Springfield Hamptons summer mansion and is narrated by HomerHead over to FOX to watch The Simpsons’ “The Great Phatsby” episode. Watch trailers for the episode below.

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