What Is Going On With Frank Ocean’s Livestream? Our 15 Best Theories So Far

Frank Ocean Live Stream

Frank Ocean Live Stream

8. Frank Ocean is trapped in The Upside Down (Stranger Things fans know what we mean) and is building something to help him escape.

9. Frank is working with Awakenings neurobiologist Oliver Sacks to study the effect of music on the brain—this entire set up is part of an experiment designed to measure whether the intense anticipation of music will cause the music portion of our brains to light up. Yes, Apple Music has the technology to scan your brain every time you stream music.

10. Frank Ocean is creating his MOMA Exhibit “Boys Don’t Cry,” wherein he’ll perform the album in its entirety in a wooden replica of his head, as orange tears descend from his face. Marina Abramovic will then dance in the tears.

11. Frank is building a staircase which leads out of the empty warehouse space…to another empty warehouse space.

12. Frank is forcing us to humanize him as well as to humanize ourselves. He’s de-mystifying the life of the artist. Art takes time. Creativity–and even passion–comes and goes. Frank Ocean does what he wants on his own time. It’s been four years since we got an album from him, and he doesn’t give a fuuuuuck. Frank’s 5-day (so far) Apple Music live-stream of him engaging in carpentry in a warehouse is gentle, intimate and forces patience on its viewers. We have no choice but to be patient, because Frank is not going to rush. We see him working on this carpentry craft patiently, graciously, slowly. He doesn’t overwork himself, he doesn’t force it. We keep checking his live-stream on our phones and laptops to see if there’s anything new for us to see. We want to be stimulated so bad! We want new music! What is Frank building!? What kind of shirt is he going to wear today!? Frank is forcing us to reevaluate our need for instant gratification.

He’s critiquing our fast-paced, productivity-driven lives. He’s telling us to calm the fuck down and let him live.

He’s working with machinery while simultaneously showing us that he is not a machine.

13. Frank is building out the studio in which he intends to ultimately record Boys Don’t Cry.

14. If you look at the website you will notice it says: (Blank) +  = ENDLESS. After conducting multiple complex mathematical equations to figure out the variable, we have come to the conclusion that (Blank) equals the live-stream. In laymen’s terms the shit ain’t never coming and the live-stream will continue for all eternity. After we are all dead and gone, all of our advances snuffed from the earth, humanity a distant blimp in history, the live-stream will continue, it will be the only proof that we, as humans, ever existed.

15. Frank Ocean is all of us: the wood, the carpenter, the live-stream…everything.

Anyways, if you still got it in you, and you got nothing better to do with your life, watch the live-stream here.

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