Women’s History Month 2021

The 18 Essential Pussy Rap Albums

Pussy rap is an ongoing subgenre within rap that wouldn’t exist without the contributions of countless Black women. Here are… Read More

March 31, 2021

On ‘We Are Here,’ Author Jasmin Hernandez Makes Black & Brown Artists the Star of the Show

In the new book We Are Here, Author Jasmin Hernandez puts a spotlight on BIPOC and QTPOC artists from various… Read More

March 29, 2021

Inspired by ‘Get Out,’ Tonya Pinkins Enters the Black Horror Film Arena with ‘Red Pill’

In the horror film, Red Pill, a group of liberal friends finds themselves fighting for their lives on the eve… Read More

March 28, 2021

A New Book Corrects Black Women’s Exclusion From Popular Music

In her new book, Liner Notes for the Revolution, author Daphne A. Brooks places Black women at the center of… Read More

March 24, 2021

‘Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché’ Tells The Legacy Of A Black Woman In Punk [Interview]

We spoke with Celeste Bell, the daughter of Poly Styrene, about her documentary that focuses on her mother's legacy as… Read More

March 22, 2021