Watch The Official Trailer For Will Smith’s New Film ‘Emancipation’

Days after a first screening of upcoming Will Smith Emancipation, Apple TV+ releases trailer for the slavery resistance epic. Will Smith… Read More

October 3, 2022

Black Detroit Voters Sue Trump Campaign Over Attempts To Overturn Michigan’s Election Results

The Donald Trump campaign team continues to push for the votes to be rescinded. On Friday, the NAACP Legal Defense… Read More

November 23, 2020

NAACP Warns Black Travelers Against Flying American Airlines

The NAACP is warning black travelers to be cautious if they are flying with American Airlines. The civil rights organization… Read More

October 25, 2017

Utah Canyon To Keep ‘Negro Bill’ Name

The canyon will retain its name. In a report from the Associated Press, Utah's Negro Bill Canyon will retain its… Read More

August 7, 2017

NAACP Issues Travel Advisory For Black People Heading To Missouri

The NAACP has issued a travel warning to Missouri following the passing of a new bill. Missouri NAACP President Rod… Read More

August 1, 2017

Google Doodle Honors 100th Anniversary Of The NAACP’s 1917 Silent Parade

The Google Doodle honors the 100th anniversary of the Silent Parade. As one of the first mass protests against anti-black violence… Read More

July 28, 2017

Donald Trump Declines NAACP Convention Invitation

Donald Trump will not be in attendance at the annual convention of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.… Read More

July 21, 2017

NAACP Expected To Remove Its Current President

The NAACP has decided to remove its president in an attempt at changing the organization's leadership to better combat civil… Read More

May 19, 2017

Lonnie G. Bunch III To Be Honored With “President’s Award” At 48th NAACP Image Awards

Author, curator, historian, scholar, and educator Lonnie G. Bunch III will be honored with the NAACP “President’s Award” at the 48th  NAACP Image Awards. The… Read More

February 8, 2017

NAACP President Williams Brooks Among 30 People Arrested For Sit-In Against Sessions

NAACP President and CEO Cornell Williams Brooks and 10 other protestors were arrested following a staged sit-in outside of the… Read More

January 31, 2017

Black Student Allegedly Attacked By White Classmates With Noose

Mississippi NAACP state president Derrick Johnson speaking on the incident at a press conference A black high school football player… Read More

October 25, 2016

White Lives Matter To Be Classified As Hate Group

Earlier this month there was an incident in which a White Lives Matter protest occurred in front of the NAACP… Read More

August 29, 2016

Armed White Lives Matter Group Protests Outside Houston NAACP Office

This past Sunday a White Lives Matter group protested in front of the NAACP office in Houston's Third Ward. Waving… Read More

August 22, 2016

Now Streaming: President Obama’s Speech At The National N.A.A.C.P. Convention

President Barack Obama is scheduled to speak at the national N.A.A.C.P. convention at 3 p.m. EST. The convention is being… Read More

July 14, 2015