Colin Kaepernick

Dr. Dre Gives Rihanna Advice For Her Upcoming Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show

Dr. Dre passes the torch to upcoming Super Bowl LVII headliner Rihanna, who will perform at the anticipated NFL showdown… Read More

September 26, 2022

‘Colin in Black and White’ Will Detail the Origin Story of Colin Kaepernick [Trailer]

Colin in Black and White will showcase the early life of Colin Kaepernick. The series is being helmed by Ava… Read More

October 12, 2021

The NFL’s New Social Justice Ad Features Players Kneeling But No Colin Kaepernick

The ad led to Colin Kaepernick trending on Twitter during Sunday night's Super Bowl. During the Super Bowl, the NFL… Read More

February 8, 2021

Instead Of Kneeling, Kaepernick’s ‘Madden’ Touchdown Celebration Is The Black Power Fist

EA Sports announced that  would be returning to the game on Tuesday. Colin Kaepernick will be a playable character in… Read More

September 8, 2020

Colin Kaepernick Is Joining Medium’s Board To Create Content On Race And Civil Rights

Colin Kaepernick is now on board as a director and publisher for the site. Colin Kaepernick has joined Medium's board… Read More

June 18, 2020

Roger Goodell Says the NFL Was Wrong in Silencing Protests But Doesn’t Say Anything About Colin Kaepernick

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell released a statement in support of Black Lives Matter and those who peacefully protest. He did… Read More

June 5, 2020

Don’t Be Fooled By Police Officers Taking A Knee Alongside Protesters

Colin Kaepernick's nonviolent approach to bringing awareness to police brutality has been co-opted by police officers across the country as… Read More

June 3, 2020

No, Colin Kaepernick Hasn’t Signed A Contract With the New York Jets

  A tweet falsely credited ESPN's Adam Schefter with breaking the news. The NFL offseason has been pretty uneventful at… Read More

April 9, 2020

Colin Kaepernick Set to Release New Memoir This Year Under Self-Titled Publishing Company

"I want to tell the story of my evolution, and the events that led me to protest systemic oppression." Colin… Read More

February 13, 2020

Here’s the Reason Why Colin Kaepernick Won’t Be Suiting Up for the XFL

  XFL commissioner Oliver Luck spoke with NPR this weekend about the league's revival. This weekend, the XFL made its… Read More

February 10, 2020

JAY-Z Says He and Colin Kaepernick “Disagree on The Tactic, But are Marching for The Same Cause”

As football's big night sets in, the Roc Nation chief details the company's social justice initiatives. Last year, JAY-Z and… Read More

February 2, 2020

Watch A Bee, Bear, Fish And Bald Eagle Take A Knee In Bizarre Colin Kapernick-Inspired PETA Ad

According to PETA, the NFL pressured Fox into not showing the commercial during the 2020 Super Bowl. PETA has shared… Read More

January 31, 2020

Colin Kaepernick Slams “American Terrorist Attacks” Amid Drone Strike That Killed Iranian General Soleimani

A handful of conservatives have since reacted to Kaepernick's tweets. Following the death of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, Colin Kaepernick… Read More

January 6, 2020

Commissioner Roger Goodell Says the NFL Has “Moved On” From Colin Kaepernick

  At the NFL's owners' meetings in Irving, Texas, the league's commissioner effectively shut down any hopes for Colin Kaepernick's… Read More

December 12, 2019

No NFL Teams Have Reached out to Sign Colin Kaepernick After Workout

ESPN reports that footage of the workout was sent to the 25 NFL teams that did not attend. Following Colin… Read More

November 25, 2019

Report: JAY-Z is “Disappointed” in Colin Kaepernick for Treating NFL Workout as a “Publicity Stunt”

UPDATE: According to Roc Nation, JAY-Z has not spoken to any sources regarding Colin Kaepernick's workout. A source at Roc Nation… Read More

November 17, 2019