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Leon Bridges Brings Texas Twang to One of Marvin Gaye’s Lost Christmas Classics

We spoke to Leon Bridges about the influence of Marvin Gaye on his artistry and why he was drawn to… Read More

November 4, 2021

Spotify, Amazon, and Pandora Want to Pay Musicians Even Less for Streams

Spotify and Pandora are already two of the three lowest-paying digital streaming services. A new filing to reduce streaming payouts… Read More

October 22, 2021

Brittany Howard of the Alabama Shakes Covers Jackie Wilson’s “Higher and Higher”

Brittany Howard has previously covered the song during live sets in the past. On Monday, Brittany Howard released a new… Read More

March 8, 2021

Amazon Music Releasing Ol’ Dirty Bastard Mini-Documentary for ‘Return to the 36 Chambers’ 25th Anniversary

The series will explore ODB's early life and philosophy. On Thursday, Amazon Music released an exclusive mini-documentary on one of… Read More

March 27, 2020