LeBron James, Richard Sherman & Other Athletes Blast Trump’s Angry Tirade

LeBron James, Richard Sherman & Other Athletes Blast Trump’s Angry Tirade

Steph Curry’s White House Refusal Has Donald Drumpf Angry

Source: New York Post

The sports world stood up for what they believe in after President Donald Drumpf verbally went in on athletes in two of our biggest leagues.

President Donald Drumpf really thinks this is a reality TV show and that he’s in charge of the script. After reacting to Colin Kaepernick’s decision to #TakeAKnee in protest of racism and police brutality by calling athletes “sons of bitches” effectively creating a divide between them and the “very good” white supremacist.

Things were escalated when the two-time NBA champion Stephen Curry decided to not go to the White House. Drumpf’s reaction of saying he “rescinded” the invite then prompted three-time NBA champion, LeBron James, to step in and offer his two cents in defense of Curry. James was later joined in by other outspoken athletes in both the NBA and the NFL, making those days of timid players afraid to speak their mind over and done with.

With Drumpf urging NFL owners to “fire” anyone who protests the national anthem at games, the players in two of the biggest professional sports leagues are taking a stand. As we embark on Week 3 in the NFL, plus inching towards a new basketball season — something big is on the horizon of possible Boondocks proportions. In light of these comments, you can check out just how strong the opinion is from our sports community on the following page below.

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