“If You Voted For Trump Then You Made A Mistake” — LeBron James On Kyrie, Free Agency & Donald Trump

“If You Voted For Trump Then You Made A Mistake” — LeBron James On Kyrie, Free Agency & Donald Trump

The good kid from the Goodyear City, LeBron James, spoke on calling the president a bum, shared thoughts on his free agency and the #TakeAKnee phenomenon.

At 12:50 p.m. on Sept. 25 in Cleveland, Ohio, three-time NBA champion LeBron James shook the sports world again with an array of thoughts, comments and strong political statements regarding the president. Choosing to make sure that the press didn’t talk in circles during the NBA x Cavs Media Day, King James directed the press conference in a way that showed his wisdom and force as an ambassador of sports.

LeBron James was the most clearest, most focused and went deep into his bag when discussing a myriad of topics. With all ears perked up, the Akron Original was not shy in his feelings as the NBA world (and political world) had their ears perked up in anticipation of what he was going to say. To not keep you captive too much longer, we have a few excerpts from LeBron James for you to check out. On the following page, the four time NBA MVP continued to throw barbs at that bum, commented on his teammates, his impending free agency and if Dwyane Wade will be coming to the 216.

LeBron on Kyrie:

When asked about his thoughts on the whole debacle between him and Kyrie Irving, it was surprised to learn that Bron was “shocked” about his point-guard-partner-in-crime wanting to leave. Local press tried to get to the bottom behind the rift. “I tried to help him [Kyrie Irving] become a better leader, a better passer, a better defender,” LeBron said. “I tried to give him as much of my DNA as possible.”

With millions around the world watching this live streamed on ESPN, LeBron even addressed the emotions that might still be lingering between the two when it comes time for the NBA season to open. “There will be emotions when you play a person who you hoisted a trophy with, but when the game starts I’ll focus on being the better team that night.”

LeBron on Free Agency:

Another touchy subject involving LeBron, as this upcoming season is rumored to be his last with the Cleveland Cavs. With free agency impending, the press is already biting at bait to see if Bron will stay or will he go West to Los Angeles to close out his career. Being open and honest without being too forthright, LeBron let the press and the press know just where he stands when it comes to free agency. “I’m not going to give energy to something during the season that I can go over during the summertime,” LeBron said. Basically, the focus will be on heading back to the Finals, to avenge the lost handed to the Cavs by the Golden State Warriors and righting the wrongs from the previous season.

LeBron on Dwyane Wade:

BFF and former Miami Heat teammate, Dwyane Wade, is now a free agent. With only a few teams on the ticker who are expressing interest in the three-time NBA champion, all roads seem to point to the 216. Bron and D Wade are definitely accustomed with playing with one another, and the former was definitely interested in reconnecting as teammates for the Cavs, and addressed it profoundly. “It would be great to have Dwayne Wade to join us [with the Cavs], and I’d love to have him with us. He brings another championship DNA and a basketball mind to the team.”

LeBron on Trump:

In what will go down as one of the most talked about moments in sports in the 21st century, LeBron James continued to let his feelings be known about the Cheeto-in-Chief. “First of all, I salute the NFL players, the coaches, anyone who had anything to do with what happened yesterday,” Bron said. “Even as that guy tries to divide us, he will not do such a thing. The thing that frustrated me is that he used sports to try and divide us and I’m not going to let one individual—no matter the power—ever use sports as a platform to divide us.”

Doubling down on his rhetoric, LeBron made it be known that he is not a supporter of this current administration. Calling him “that guy,” saying that voting for “that guy” was a “mistake,” LeBron basically said, “I’m not Trump’s friend,” in an effort to drive home to point that no one can associate the best basketball player on the planet with the worst toupee goofball in the White House. “Trump doesn’t understand the power he has being the leader of this beautiful country,” LeBron said, attempting to let not just the media know, but the world know, where he stands on the issue with Donald Trump.

To close it out, LeBron’s politicized statements towards Trump and his ilk will not be appreciated by those who think #AllLivesMatter. What’s even more interesting is that you cannot stop LeBron on or off the court. You can’t stop him from making millions of dollars. You can’t stop him from being the talk of the town all over the world. You can’t stop his significance as a human being on this planet. And whether or not Trump tries to use his 140 characters or less to try, he would be overlooking an intangible force that LeBron James innately carries with him.

“My voice is more important than taking a knee,” LeBron rightfully said.

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