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Ying Yang Twins

by dantana
15 years ago


United States of Atlanta possesses a terrifying power: it can suck the intelligence right from your mind. The more one listens, the greater the chance for involuntary drooling, incoherence and slurring of speech, and ultimately the lack of all motor skills. BEWARE: this album will mentally retard you.

The album is Jesuitical in its approach, leading you from a hope of fun-time bangers toward cliché’s slippery slope that ends in a dark pit of everlasting ignorance. The trite sentiments and tried-and-true-and-tried-again beats pound you into submission, until you conform and begin to ape the oppressors. During “23 Hr. Lock Down”, I found myself sympathizing with Pimp C. As the song states, Pimp C was found guilty of “some bullshit”. I was shocked to find that many states have yet to repeal the antiquated Some Bullshit laws.

Shifting to sodomy laws, the Twins bring idiocy to coition, beginning with the infamous “Wait” and extending into an abyss of immature sexual commands, name-calling, and feeble machismo. Some may find it “sexy”, while others may find it offensive. You say “potato” and I say “misogyny dressed in lust’s clothing”. Of course, this is all revisionism. Upon first listen of the album, I busied myself by drawing boobies and poopies and pee-pees. And I hoped for juice and sweets as my eyes dulled further.

By track 19,”Shake” (which isn’t that bad of a track), it’s a feat if a listener can form words let alone an opinion. At this moment, each listener has been reduced to reflexes and a heartbeat. And it’s right at the conclusion where the producer, Mr. Collipark, fully demonstrates the brilliance of his design: track 21 is a laundry list of shit people should buy! Not a rhyme that hypes a new album or product, but an actual laundry list to be planted in the folds of your softened retard-brain. So here’s my laundry list:

1) Stop being retarded

) Stop waiting to see his dick

) Ask Mr. Collipark to quell proletariat uprisings in other parts of the globe

) Remember to think

) Take out the trash

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