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Yash Kapoor

by Okayplayer
9 years ago

Vancouver rapper/producer/DJ Yash Kapoor might consider himself a musical jack of all trades, but his latest album simply shows he’s the master of none. Any money paid to put this album together would have been better spent hiring a producer; any time that was put into producing these tracks would have been better spent refining his rhymes. On the whole, Saight sounds like the pet project of a hip hop enthusiast with good intentions but little talent. Thankfully, most of the album’s 11 tracks clock in less than two minutes, providing welcome relief from the bland beats and lackluster lyrics.

A few tracks come off like roughshod RZA rejects (“TMA,” “Fuck Elmer’s”), but nary a beat in the bunch has enough knock or professional polish necessary to peak your interest. Dope rhymes can sometimes make us forgive boring or bizarre beats, but Kapoor’s introspective musings and pseudo-intellectual insights are dull, repetitive, preachy, and at times laughable without meaning to be funny, whether he’s comparing himself to a locomotive (“Like a train coming through/choo choo choo”) or explaining his similarity to bodily functions (“I talk so much shit ‘cause I’m bloated/yes, I just quoted about gas/but it don’t matter because it relates to math”).

Even worse, Kapoor’s flow is awkward and sounds amateur, robbing his seemingly earnest self-expressions of any possible potency. “I started rhyming/not by choice/there’s a gun to my head/and he said use your voice,” he discloses. Saight certainly does sound forced, a shame when hip hop is known for its nonchalance, that breeziness and bravado that belie the effort it often takes to put a song together. And unlike most rappers, he shuns the spotlight, insisting on “Blast Off” that “Your attention means nothing to me.” Fair enough — with beats and rhymes like these, we weren’t really paying you much in the first place.

-Kendra G.

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