Xzibit - Okayplayer


by dantana
12 years ago


The phrase Full Circle implies a return to the beginning. In Xzibit’s case, one hopes it would mean a return to the gritty and honest MC that gave us At The Speed Of Life ten years ago. But unfortunately, as has been the case with Xzibit since linking with Dr. Dre and hosting Pimp My Ride, Full Circle is uneventful and disappointing.

The primary plague of his sixth album is production. Jelly Roll gives X four of the sloppiest and most cringe-inducing beats heard in hip-hop. “Invade My Space,” in particular, is frustrating because it features a very dope piano melody that gets lost in the otherwise awkward and mechanical beat. The first single, “Concentrate,” doesn’t fare much better, with a strange vocal sample accompanying Xzibit’s watered-down lyrics. The beats throughout are lackluster, and he doesn’t help the cause with his unmemorable narratives.

Full Circle does have a few saving graces, though. The clever DJ Quick-produced “Ram Part Division,” finds Xzibit, with highly-distorted vocals, addressing racial profiling and other social issues from the viewpoint of a corrupt cop. “Scandalous Bitches” is a story about trifling women, and X even addresses a recent issue between himself and Usher. The best song though, and the only one on par with his earliest work, is “Thank You.” Over lush strings and a hard-hitting piano loop, he thanks his fans for all their support and even updates us on his son, who he first rapped about on “The Foundation” in 1996.

Besides a handful of good tracks, Full Circle is mostly forgettable, which is unfortunate because we all know how talented Xzibit is and what he is truly capable of.

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