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Uncle Murda

by dantana
13 years ago


Respect the Shooter borrows its inspiration from a Jay-Z lyric off the track, “Thirty Something.” Jigga made it a hot line, Uncle Murda made it a hot mixtape. He has appointed himself as Brooklyn’s rap chancellor, spewing endless bullhorns of hate music in exchange for street love. He’ll shoot you. He’ll stab you. He’ll fornicate with your girl.

Respect the Shooter plays through like a fun radio sequence. In between the songs are snippets of radio interviews where Uncle Murda shouts out braggadocious proverbs like, “I trying to start the revolution, thugs versus cops.”

Uncle Murda already knows you don’t like him. As a matter of fact, he got a song about him called, “They Name They Gave Me” dedicated to all the envy inspired nicknames he has acquired over the years. He raps, “They used call me “Fu*k That Nigga,” ‘you heard Murda on the radio, fu*k that nigga.” The mixtape is full of wisecracks that Murda shares over classic Tupac cuts and other gangsta throwbacks. The strongest cut on the mixtape is “Gangsta Boogie” which also doubles up as a big-up the borough of Brooklyn track.

The Brooklyn rapper reminds us that as long as you have a bad beat (bad as in good), you don’t have to be an expert to ride it properly. Murda is a plain rapper, a “roses are red, violets are blue” type rapper if you will. Yet, he found a way to infuse some entertainment value within his limited ability. For this reason, he is showing us why he is balling in the 2007 and how we’re all just his nephews.

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