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Scarface presents... The Product

by dantana
13 years ago


As a member of the Geto Boys with Willie D and Bushwick Bill, Scarface helped put southern hip-hop and Houston on the map. As a solo artist, he maintained a tight-rope act between street-corner gangsterisms and poignant, conscious storytelling. Despite the recent influx of the DJ Screw influenced Houston sound, ‘Face sticks to the roots of southern hip-hop with One Hunid, his first album with The Product.

The Product consists of Scarface, San Francisco’s Wil Hen, and Mississippi’s Young Malice. One Hunid tends to stick to organic, soulful production in favor of the current synth-based crunk. “In The Hood” and “Read” are reflective tales of struggle and anguish in the streets. “Hustle” infuses sad guitars with a fantastic horn melody that makes for one of the better musical backdrops used by Scarface as of late.

The melancholic piano-work on “Not a Word” helps to accentuate the three MCs’ anguish and pain. “Life’s Been Good” serves as a somewhat happy ending to an album filled with tracks about pain and anguish over musical, yet depressing production.

Unfortunately, One Hunid suffers from some out-of-place tracks. “2 Real” is a head-scratcher, a thumping synthesized beat accompanied by ignorant and uninteresting rhymes. Similarly, “I’m A” finds Scarface chanting seemingly every city in the United States in a mind-numbing track that is two steps back from the rest of album.

In the end, it is evident that The Product is not the new Geto Boys. Although One Hunid is refreshing in the current southern hip-hop scene, Wil Hen and Young Malice are not great MCs and have a ways to go before becoming well-rounded artists like Scarface.

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