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by dantana
12 years ago


Enough energy and feel-good to rock a crowd of 20,000. That’s the best way to describe PPT. And quite coincidentally, they did just that. PPT was selected to perform their Dallas Mavericks theme “Rowdy, Loud and Proud” during the 2006 Playoffs. Their debut project, entitled Tres Monos in Love focuses on, well, love songs.

The group consists of three fun-loving Texas-born emcees. Production is handled by 23 year-old prodigy Picnictyme. The other two monos (monkeys in Spanish) are Pikahsso, the soulful one in the group (he handles most of the singing,) and the energetic emcee Tahiti. They together form PPT, which is taken from the initials of their names. The strengths of this album are centered around the production, which nicely incorporates samples with electronic instrumentation, giving most tracks a very layered feel. The beats are mainly upbeat soul, which provides a canvas for Pikahsso’s harmonizing.

Listeners may recognize a few of the samples as they aren’t completely new. For example, on “Jealousy,” Picnic samples Gilbert O’Sullivan’s classic “Alone Again (Naturally,)” which was also used by RJD2 (as all hip-hop nerds know on Soul Position’s opening track on the Unlimited EP.) Picnictyme doesn’t just jack breaks though, as he keeps the original tempo and weaves a happier, more playful version of the song. Texas hip-hop fans will also be pleased to hear Waco locals The Strange Fruit Project guesting early on this record on a song called “Down South Girl.”

The highlight however comes at the end. Arguably the best track on the record is the last track, “When we was Kool.” It’s a happy reminiscence of younger years laid over an infectious horn sample and claps. If there are any criticism of the record, it would be that it is lyrically simple. Much of this however can be forgiven by the fact that included with the CD is a DVD with nine music videos. Fans of fun feel-good hip-hop a la Outkast will be pleased.

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