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Mickey Mo the MC

by Ginger Lynn
12 years ago

Mikey Mo the MC is one of the most balanced rappers I’ve come across in
quite a while. He comes off as intelligent without sounding soft, he
keeps it street but criticizes street life, he puts equal effort into
moving both the body and mind, and he even reps both coasts. His native
Queens shows through in his grimy and personal tales of the ghetto, but
he also makes certain to keep his local hyphy kids appeased with some
up tempo beats and catchy hooks. For some, Focused will be a literal best of both worlds.

The beats come courtesy of D-Cyde, Dru, Abyss, Dap Daniel, and
Muse10. Fans of gritty, dusty production might be disappointed in how
crisp some of these joints are, but there is a wide enough range on Focused
that most heads should find plenty to like. A few of the tracks sound
like little more than Just Blaze impressions, but that’s not
necessarily a bad thing is it? Ultimately, thanks to the beats, which
have just enough bounce to act as a Trojan horse for Mikey Mo’s mindful
lyrics, he’s able to deliver that righteousness while avoiding the
common pitfalls of so-called conscious hip hop.

Focused offers a wide range of topics to digest, but its best moments
all pull from the struggles and adversity Mikey Mo faced as an
adolescent. “Letter to My Father’s Spirit,” talks about his father’s
suicide, and features a story that would bring a tear to even Beanie’s
hardened eye. “Courageous Kids,” a dedication to single parents,
reveals what a loss his father was, as Mikey Mo discusses his mother’s
crack addition.

Coming from such a childhood, it’s no wonder why Mickey Mo is split
between uplifting the youth and giving them something to bounce to.

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