mamarazzi - Okayplayer


by Ginger Lynn
9 years ago

The genre-defying band mamarazzi has a melting pot of influences on their debut album Bewilderness , including jazz, funk, hip hop, and others. This isn’t any old band. Drawing influence from Afrobeat, the Brooklyn-based band rocks with eight members,including two saxophonists, percussionists, a guitarist, a bassist, and an emcee. Mamarazzi seems at their best on their debut album when they stick with a lyric-less, instrumental soundscape. The horn-heavy instrumental tracks including album opener “Sobobo,” “Boo Lynn Waltz,” and “Sunday Night Chicks” are among the band’s best work.

The lead-single, “Gangster” is one of the album’s highlights and is a fun, nonsensical track, despite the band’s emcee, Tavi Fields’ forgettable verse. Unfortunately, on most of the songs the serviceable-at-best emcee does little to enhance the tracks. On exception is her flow over the horn infused, “Here We Go” which makes the track one of the best on the record. However, on the album’s lowest-point, the track “Seeds,” her grating delivery and sloppy lyrics make the song nearly unlistenable.

OverallBewilderness is a conundrum of an album. Listeners can take that either in a good way or a bad way. The slew of various styles and sounds that go into this album are impressive and extremely interesting, but it may ward off some listeners. While mamarazzi’s sound may be deviant to mainstream music, they are easily one of the most unique bands I’ve ever heard.

-Zach Gase

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