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Lionel Richie

by dantana
12 years ago


Dear Lionel Richie,
Please stick to your demographic.
Sincerely, Adrian.

On his eighth studio album, Coming Home, Lionel Richie nixes his usual audience (suburban, forty-something, middle-class housewives), in favor for a younger and hipper crowd. The result will both alienate his long-standing fanbase and make contemporary pop and R&B listeners cringe.

From the sappy first single “I Call It Love,” which sounds eerily similar to something Ne-Yo would do, to the country-rock tune “Reason To Believe,” Richie sounds awkward on practically every song on the record.

The latin-disco dance track “All Around The World” sounds 30 years old with its dated and cheap-sounding horn and string synthesizers. It’s paired with equally cheesy lyrics, too. But, hands down, the worst track is “Up All Night,” which is Middle Eastern-flavored and aimed at club play. With a poor-man’s Scott Storch beat, one must wonder if Richie truly believed he could conquer modern pop radio with this song.

Richie die-hards may find a few gems in the more traditional love ballads, like “What You Are” and “I Love You.” Overall, though, Coming Home is a painful listening experience.

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