J*Davey - Okayplayer


by dantana
12 years ago


The first time J*Davey appeared on my radar was from a post on Okayplayer, stating a rumor that the group had just been dropped from Warner Bros. Records. Admittedly, I gave it very little thought afterwards…just another act dropped and the world still turned. A few days later, some of their tracks from the unfinished 4000 AD album were leaked and I, never one to turn down free music, downloaded the zip file; the file still remains unopened on my desktop. Less than a week ago, their recent project, Land of The Lost EPisode landed on my doorstep via my editor. Now obligated to listen, I peeled off the plastic, threw the disc into my laptop and ripped the tracks to my Zen (eff an iPod). Like finding $20 while doing laundry or discovering the quiet, librarian-type woman has Fort Knox betwixt her thighs, I now find hyped as hell over the treasure I’ve stumbled upon.

The duo, consisting of Jack Davey and Brook D’leau (I dare you to guess which one does the soft, feminine vocals), blend hip-hop, soul and electronica to create a unique, imaginative sound. Mixed by DJ Lindsey, Land of The Lost EPisode, a 15 track promo you can download from J*Davey’s Myspace page, showcases the group’s ability to cross genres, while making it seem so easy. Phonte of Little Brother lends his usual singsong harmonizing on “Just Because,” a song which caused a few chuckles on my end. Jack Davey raps for a few over the Dilla-produced “Red Light,” a quick tribute to the late beatmaker. Other tasty highlights include “Hi Sun,” “Slooow,” “sLAyers,” “Dancehall (featuring Kardinal Offishall),” “Mr. Mister,” and “Let It Bleed.” Not necessarily a cohesive album, track-to-track blends aside, Land of The Lost EPisode is meant to introduce one to the J*Davey world; I’m happy to have finally discovered their planet.

Hearing their sound, I’m less than surprised that a major label would feel slightly uneasy about how to market an act like J*Davey. Nonetheless, music like this deserves a fair shot within the musical landscape. Land of The Lost EPisode gives the listener an ample helping of J*Davey’s sound; it leaves me hungry; desperate to scour the internetz for more tracks, anything to satiate my now-piqued interest. Maybe you won’t dig it and hey, it’s just music, the world will still turn. But hell, it’s free; take a chance and download this effort, especially if you’ve never heard them before. While you’re doing that, I’m going to go finally unzip this file on my desktop. I’m hungry, dammit.

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