Gwizski - Okayplayer


by dantana
12 years ago


Gwizski’s debut, Loop Regions, is just as the title says, an album chock full of loops. And while it’s hindered by its repetitive nature, the Portland producer’s album is an extremely relaxing and fun listen that will catch some spins during the upcoming summer months.

Loop Regions flirts with many different styles made famous by producers like Cut Chemist and Madlib. The perfect example of this is on the topnotch “Just Sayin Tho,” which also features some nice rhymes by Pete of the Cuf. Gee-wiz-ski (yes, that’s how you pronounce it) throws a piano sample over a drum beat and for a second, you’ll think you’re listening to a Jurassic 5 track.

You’re not though, and you realize that as the next track plays. Gwizski uses his obvious influences to his advantage, but he makes the sound his own. The only problem is that his sound can become repetitive. For example, there are tracks like “Not the Same” and “Living My Life” that both feature similar keyboard samples. Yet, sometimes it works like on the instrumental and soothing “Reseda.”

It’s when the producer strays into other territory that he truly shines. Standouts like the aforementioned “Just Sayin Tho,” “Sky is Fallin” and “Slide” still carry the jazzy-feel, but with an additional punch. It also doesn’t hurt that Living Legends member Aesop sings and rhymes on “Sky is Fallin.” Other notable guest spots are Pete, again, and Paulie Rhyme on “Feed the Soul.”

Then, there’s the side of Gwizski that should be annoying, but it somehow works. He loops vocal samples on tracks like “Long Distance Relationships” and “Need a Ride,” with the latter being an ode to driving through California. There is some potential in this sound should the producer further pursue it, but if not, no big loss. Note: he’s not chipmunking the voices, but looping certain notes hit by whoever the hell he sampled.

For a debut, Gwizski’s Loop Regions is impressive. His production is made for lazy summer days and even for cruisin’ around in your ride. Popping the CD in on a rainy day wouldn’t be a bad idea either, because who doesn’t want to just chill on those days? Also, I realize that I didn’t pay much attention to the guest emcees, but there’s a reason for that: the focus here is on Gwizski.

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