G-Unit - Okayplayer


by Ginger Lynn
11 years ago

Crack open the CD case for G-Unit’s latest release and you’ll find a pair of black hands cupped together as though holding Holy Communion. But, instead of offering the path to salvation, they offer dozens of bullets with the ominous caption, “it is better to give than to receive.” G-Unit’s Terminate on Sight (T.O.S.) is the nightmare of your childhood bully come to torment your adult existence bearing threats of violence that are so fantastically brutal one just has to ask, what’s there to like about these bad guys?
Well, they spend more money than you’ll ever see. They’ll dismiss more dimes than you’ll ever have the courage to approach. And they’ll watch you stand star struck as they make their way into the club’s VIP section in denim, white tees and sneakers as you nervously try to figure out how you’re gonna pay for your designer outfit, drinks and parking.

Just admit you love the G-Unit. Their music fuels the modern male’s latent misogynistic desires; makes the women swoon like Axe body spray; and brings out the aggression necessary for such activities as say, playing Madden or working out. Similar to an adolescent girl wrestling with body image issues as she peruses a stack of fashion mags, the current state of gangster rap thrives off of male insecurity. Men fear and ladies love the uberthug, so if you’re not aspiring to be one of ‘em you’re a loser.

And the G-Unit (50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo) aren’t at a loss for words when driving this point home. From the blaring intro of “Straight Outta Southside,” featuring threats of RIPs in advance, to “I Like The Way She Do It,” which details their superhuman sexual exploits and proclivities, the G-Unit beat it into listeners’ heads that it’s them who you truly want to be. “Piano Man” finds our trio, featuring Young Buck, moving Tony Montana units of drugs while “Casualties of War,” “T.O.S.” and “You So Tough” are spinning death threats. The chorus of “No Days Off” illustrates why kids can’t even get into a good old fashioned fight these days (if you can’t beat ‘em/don’t join ‘em/jump ‘em/fuck ‘em).

But beneath their macho exterior, lies the weakness of the G-Unit’s T.O.S.. The album lacks the soul and introspection that endear audiences to even the most hardened villain. There’s no remorse here; no second guessing themselves. Just day in, day out thugging, slinging, shooting and screwing. The members of G-Unit have elected to portray themselves as inhumane to the nth degree. And for the opportunity, they’d like to thank God.

– Adam Roussell

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