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Edgar Allen Floe

by dantana
14 years ago


During the last several years, one group of supermusicians single-handedly put North Carolina on the hip-hop map. Unfortunately for Edgar Allen Floe, his membership in the Justus League has so far been rather unremarkable.

As one of numerous sidekicks to team leader Little Brother, not much is known of his origin or his mysterious powers and abilities. However, Edgar sets out to fight his anonymity with an EP titled True Links, in which our unmasked avenger easily takes on many a producer’s beatings, FBOOM! KRASH! WHAM! … and announces his arrival with authority.

The album is very well put together, consisting of eight songs featuring personal lyrics. Despite being a superpoet, Floe claims to be “one of the most down to earth people you’ll ever meet,” and his rhymes only confirm this assertion. Songs like “Back in Time” and “Imagine” are written from an everyman’s perspective. He’s a hero of the people, though not every track is as modest. “The Formula 2005” shows Floe’s braggadocious side, while “The Great Adventure” allows him to join forces with fellow Leaguers Median and L.E.G.A.C.Y.

The production on True Links is also very strong, as Edgar picks up beats from League favorites 9th Wonder and Khrysis. 9th’s fine contribution is “Faith In Love,” in which Floe perfectly captures a fan’s excitement and actions surrounding a Tuesday morning CD purchase.

ven Edgar’s alter ego, Slicemysta, demonstrates his skill on the boards with “Livelyhood”, a banger boasting flashy horns and a slick piano chop.

Floe’s album is soulful, which, though appealing, is a theme beginning to tire amongst the NC crew. Other shortcomings stem from Edgar’s monotonous flow and repetitive lyrics, though these are mostly minute complaints.

On True Links, Floe proves he has talents most superMCs can only dream of.

ut with great talent comes great responsibility—responsibility to live up to his potential and not disappoint fans with his forthcoming Streetwise LP. When he finally does, he may be able to emerge from the League as less of a mystery, and no longer a sidekick.

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