E Major - Okayplayer

E Major

by Ginger Lynn
12 years ago

It’s like Q-Tip said, “You can be white and cool but don’t crack the roll.” Most of Majority Rules
unfolds like Premo produced a solo album for Prime Minister Pete Nice.
And yeah, that means it’s tight. E Major sounds like he’d be right at
home dipped low in a leather office chair speaking real words out the
side of his mouth waving a cane in one hand with a cigar gripped tight
in the other. The brother from Baltimore rocks a healthy swagger
without coming off as an asshole, check the lead single and video
“Nuthin’ Nice” (feat. Hezekiah) for evidence.


Overall, E Major’s nonchalance blends perfectly into the textured beats Majority Rules
is blessed with. Hints of jazzy Tribe and moody Bootcamp sneak into the
mix but it’s a soulful cohesiveness that bonds the album like Stucco.
E’s flow, laid back but memorable, DL but dope, floats nicely atop the
classic snap of “The Next Episode” and the hand drum sampling, up jumps
the boogie jam “Know That.” “Seasons Change” is the sentimental jawn of
the bunch but the sinister piano stabs and dirty drums of “We Got It
Goin’ On” provide requisite balance. And again, just because dude can
groove with his production doesn’t mean his lines don’t bite. E Major
is still “out for scratch like cat fights.”


At the end of the night, I don’t know if the Under Sound Music CEO /
premiere artist is really shattering any establishments. This is good
old soulful northeastern hip-hop with attitude. Playing the devil’s
av’, E Major jabs, “He’s old school, his style’s irrelevant / Oh, he’s
a backpacker cuz his lack of melanin.” But color doesn’t have anything
to do with it. Plain and simple, this is one of the better bread and
butter rap records I’ve heard in a minute.



– Jeff Artist

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