Disflex6 - Okayplayer


by dantana
11 years ago


The Disflex6 album, titled The Loophole Project, is fittingly named. Because it seems, that through some loophole in the system, the joined powers of Jason The Argonaut & Lazerus Jackson have trickled into present day from 19 dickity 6 (..well, more like 96′ but who’s really keeping track?) on nothing but gumption and moxie. If one were to ignore their impressive work ethic, and instead focus on the musical quality, you may soon be prompted to alert the nearest bureaucrat and have them requisition that whatever loophole was present quickly be sutured with deliberate force.

Drop the project into your disk player and you are instantly greeted with what feels like simple two step lyrics copy and pasted over a myriad of different beat structures. The beats, composed by Argonaut, Elon, and E& J are a redeeming quality on an otherwise bleak performance. They each have deep pan sounds with a quaking resonance, but saying that correlates into a paramount album is highly dubious. The lyrical content runs a schism of political consciousness and your common place good-time having banter, which is all good in context, but is poorly executed. So they question quickly becomes, why bother?

It may seem a bit harsh or shortsighted to say that this album is flat out lame, and if that’s the case, so be it. Disflex6’s Loophole Project, while as valiant an effort as any other artist’s who makes themselves vulnerable by releasing their soul on wax, still is limiting in so many ways that it doesn’t warrant any other impressions extending past it beat skeletal makeup.


– Eavvon O’Neal 

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