Disflex6 - Okayplayer


by dantana
12 years ago


From the first full song, the Elon.is produced “They Say,” Slow Burn starts penetrating the mind sphere using methodical rhymes and mesmerizing beats. The tone of the album matches its title perfectly, and its pace suggests that of a rotisserie, slowly rotating to bless all sides with just the right amount of heat.

“Milky Way” glides over a classic rolling beat from Jason the Argonaut and exemplifies the Disflex6 lyrical aesthetic. Throughout the album, emcees Jason the Argonaut and Lazerus Jackson break down the state of hip hop and narrate the listener through their experiences, always free and ready to launch off on more exploratory tangents.

The flows here are solid, but not flawless. There are a few tracks that fall victim to the tone of the album by grinding to a darkened halt. The positive result is that the glum and murky ambiance is meticulously maintained.

Slow Burn is a calculated effort that brings together a strong thematic base and a raw and underground feel. This is Doom Bap, a nod to the quality and aesthetic of hip hop’s golden age, but with an added layer of skepticism and shadows that adds a unique sensibility.

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