Buff1 - Okayplayer


by dantana
11 years ago


I hate to admit it, but the time for complaining about today’s hip hop might have to officially end. This album, my friends, is incredible. Pure is the solo debut from Athletic Mic League captain, Buff1. An underrated leader of an underrated crew from an underrated region, Buff1 is sure to change all that after this one.

Pure adds to the recent -and welcomed- resurgence of single producer albums, with a lion’s share of the beats coming from The Lab Techs. Loyalties aside, with production skills like this it’s no wonder why Buff took so many tracks off his fellow Ann Arborites’ hands. Buff only strayed on two tracks, picking up Mr. Porter and Waajeed. To compliment the exclusively-from-Michigan production ensemble, Buff1 is joined on the mic by a who’s who of the MI’s underground. Elzhi, Invincible, Guilty Simpson, Miz Korona, and the criminally slept on One Be Lo all bring their A-game.

With all that said however, it isn’t the production or guest spots that make this album what it is; it’s Buff1 himself. The man earns the crown in his logo with what he does on this disc. Since everyone loves comparisons, I’ll say his delivery sounds sort of like a mix between Elzhi and Ras Kass. Sort of. Buff has a rapid, agile flow, and a higher-toned voice. He fluctuates between rhyming for the sake of rhyming, and delivering well crafted themes. An emcee’s emcee, he does both with extreme ease. All the while, things stay interesting thanks to the breadth of topics Buff chops up.

In Buff-1der’s own words, this record is classic like thriller jackets, bright white socks, and tight slacks. It’s sure to please hip hop newbies and jaded old schoolers alike.


– M. Steve Hammer 

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