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Bomb Zombies

by Okayplayer
8 years ago

After bonding over their shared appreciation for the intersection of pop and hip-hop dominated by artists like Drake and Lil Wayne, DJ Nobody and Nocando set out to put their own spin on the formula. True to their stated mission, Sincerely Yours keeps things basic. Nocando spits rhymes about party and bullshit while Nobody punctuates the verses with simple Auto-tuned hooks, borrowing a classic Smashing Pumpkins lyric on one track and paraphrasing Grandmaster Flash on another. Shallow lyrics are a poor recipe for success, but they work surprisingly well for the Bomb Zombie’s concept.

It’s impossible to talk about Bomb Zomies without mentioning Low End Theory. Both Nobody and Nocando are residents of the LA weekly DJ showcase, and the scene’s influence is all over Sincerely Yours. The album is wall-to-wall Auto-tune and 808s, with woozy bass that shares as much in common with the dubstep of their Alpha Pup label mates as it does with a T-Pain track. Mixed with Nocando’s West Coast flow, the record has a distinct Hyphy feel at times, making a strong case for the Bay Area’s lasting influence in today’s hip-hop.

With a running time just over 30 minutes, Sincerely Yours doesn’t overstay its welcome. It is a short, focused EP that works far better than the sum of its parts. While it may not have the guest star power of its contemporaries, is a dope party record that celebrates the shallow and never promises more than it can deliver. Mission accomplished!

-Benjamin Watson

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