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Bizzy Bone

by dantana
14 years ago


Bizzy, for those with more important things to pay attention to, is now truly “solo”, having been kicked out of Bone Thugs in 2002. Now, in addition to starting his own web “reality show” (just what you needed, right?) to be streamed only on allhiphop.com, he has spit forth the fifth album under his own name.

Sonically, it’s a little thin, but pleasant enough, with decently-mixed, coulda-been-worse Motif/Triton beats (by Eddie B., Tightannium Beats, and Quite Stankable Productions, with mixing help from Ty Wills, Tricky & DJ 1200) ticking away. It’s still got that Cali swagger, don’t you worry.

And aside from a few too many big-ups to “our lord and savior Jesus Christ”, Bizzy does display some fairly diverse lyrical styles, including the old triple-dutch tongue-flipping weasely rat-boy Bone voice. But there’s no standout single (I seem to remember the “I Need Love” interpolation on “BB Da Thug” giving me that tilted-head confused-pooch look), neither the musical nor the lyrical hooks really resonate, and listening becomes a chore after awhile.

In other words, it’s a new album by somebody with “Bone” in their name.

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