Vic Mensa, Jamila Woods Host Special Dinner & Concert To Launch Save Money Save Life [Recap]

Vic Mensa, Jamila Woods Host Special Dinner & Concert To Launch Save Money Save Life [Recap]

Vic Mensa, Jamila Woods Host Special Dinner & Concert To Launch Save Money Save Life

Photo Credit: Johnny Fan for Okayplayer

Vic Mensa launched Save Money Save Life last Friday to combat American racism and injustice by funding three programs in Chicago centered on health and the arts.

Friday, March 16, we were on hand for the concert portion of Vic Mensa’s Save Money Save Life charitable event. Joined by fellow artist-activist, Jamila Woods, at Chicago’s Lincoln Hall, the event was geared to put those who support racism and injustice on notice that their time was up.

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Save Money Save Life held a special dinner for influencers, tastemakers and change agents in and around Chicago, while later that evening he would take to the stage with Ms. Woods to perform and give everyone a grand showing. The charitable foundation, which is funding three Chicago-based programs that he also started, aims to combat systemic racism and injustice against impoverished people, people of color and disenfranchised people in America.

“Street Medics” will train first responders for underserved Chicago neighborhoods, another program will center on sending therapists to public schools to help students who lack access to proper mental healthcare and “UniVerse,” Vic’s biggest program out of the three, will help support artistically inclined youth on Native American reservations. While we weren’t able to bring you guys with us to the fundraiser, which more than likely raised a few coins for the good cause, we were able to see Mensa, Jamila Woods and a surprise guest do their thing on the Lincoln Hall stage.

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Before performing her own rendition of “Sunday Candy,” Jamila spoke about being proud to be a chair member of Vic Mensa’s Save Money Save Life foundation. She would then go on to perform “Blk Girl Soldier” to raucous applause. Afterwards, the lights dimmed and “Wolves” from Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo began playing. With the crowd whipped up into a frenzy, you didn’t know if the special guest would be Yeezus himself or somebody else, but alas, the song played as an intro for Vic, who didn’t come out until after the full song played. He reiterated to the show’s audience what he said at the dinner about the Save Money Save Life foundation and its purpose, before telling the story about his friend Killa Cam who died unceremoniously.

He performed “Heaven On Earth” in his honor on stage. Other songs included “Down For Some Ignorance” and “We Could Be Free”.

Check out our slideshow gallery of the Save Money Save Life foundation launch below, and head here for more information on how you can support the movement.

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