Here's Our First-Take Listen To SZA's Open-Hearted Effort, 'CTRL'

Here's Our First-Take Listen To SZA's Open-Hearted Effort, 'CTRL'

Here's Our First-Take Listen To SZA's Open-Hearted Effort, 'CTRL'

Photo Credit: Ben Hausdorf for RCA Records.

SZA first, major label debut album is evocative, open and filled to the brim with experiences + desires.

There’s nothing about the woman born Solána Rowe that is average or underwhelming. Since captivating audiophiles with her first mixtape, See SZA Run, the New Jersey native has created her own world, fueled by ethereal, otherworldly sights and sounds, while developing a refuge for individuals and freethinkers. Billed as the First Lady of Top Dawg Entertainment, fans have been awaiting SZA‘s ascension ever since her “alt-R&B” sound broke out into ear drums around the world. She connects on a level unlike her contemporaries, earning responses that would make you think Michael Jackson was still alive making people weak in the knees. With her RCA debut, CTRL, now out in the world — the time was nigh to coronate the new queen of future vibrations as only one like SZA deserved.

Last night (June 8), your favorite neighborhood managing editor had the pleasure of being one of the few to attend SZA’s album listening + release session in New York City. With family, friends and industry insiders all in awe of the event space at World of McIntosh Townhouse, the night was an experience unlike any other you’d find in an already jam-packed week full of awesomeness. SZA’s chosen realm was fantastical and avant-garde, as upon entering the venue sounds from CTRL blossomed out of the speaker while beautiful mermaids swam around like in a scene from Bad Boys or something. Afropunk, who helped to curate the moment, explained that CTRL could be experienced level-by-level throughout the townhouse. On the first floor, you could hear the song, “Drew Barrymore,” another level six more tracks which featured “Supermodel” and “Doves In The Wind,” all the way up until you could hear the full entrée on the rooftop.

Influenced by Björk and Billie Holliday, SZA’s CTRL is a beautiful blend of electronics, smoky grooves, sultry tempos and the entity known as Solána Rowe coming into her own as a true star + commanding presence. Like our previous entries, this first-take listen of CTRL features all substance, no filter and no rewinding or replays of any kind. Please be sure to support the artist by copping CTRL available on all digital marketplaces today. Enjoy!

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