Here’s Our First-Take Sneak Peek At Lalah Hathaway’s ‘Honestly’ Album

Here’s Our First-Take Sneak Peek At Lalah Hathaway’s ‘Honestly’ Album

Photo Credit: Denny Kim

The soulful singer-songwriter, Lalah Hathaway, graced @Okayplayer with her presence and shared some choice cuts from her upcoming project, Honestly.

It’s no secret that Lalah Hathaway is a national treasure. Her gifted vocals, focused songwriting ability and inviting charisma has made her a crown jewel in the cap of audiophiles all over the world. And whether she is working as a solo artist or helping to build the sound of another artist, Lalah Hathaway is a legend, appreciated for everything she has done to further the culture.

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This past August, Lalah and her team visited us @Okayplayer to hang out, catch up and play some selected cuts from her upcoming album, Honestly, which is slated for Nov. 3 release. The TK-song effort is a departure from the ballad-induced songs that marked her previous entries in her discography. This is, in part, due to her collaborative working relationship with Tiffany Gouché. The Inglewood, California singer-songwriter partnered up with Lalah to co-write and produce this album to give Lalah Hathaway a feel-good sound ripe with energetic and innovative vocals.

LISTEN: Lalah Hathaway’s Upbeat “I Can’t Wait” Song

As you already know, we love Tiffany here at OKP, so to hear these two put their talents together, we were signed up to dive in and experience what Honestly honestly had to offer. With that in mind, we wanted to share with you the things we learned after hearing Honestly for the first time. Just like our other initial plays there is no rewinding, replaying or filler, so sit back, enjoy and circle your calendars for when Lalah Hathaway’s Honestly project hits shelves on Nov. 3.

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