First Look Friday: Trap Rabbit Is Extremely Dope And Doesn’t Make Trap Music [Interview]

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A: One song we wrote, “Party Trix,” was solely written because we wanted to have a punk song for basement house shows. The goal was to get people jumping up and down — it didn’t matter as much what we actually played. That changed pretty quickly though, because we really liked what we ended up writing. It’s not really a punk song — more progressive metal or something like that. But it’s loud, and it’s fast, and it involves a lot of screaming. We put it out early on as a music video, but we never recorded it or included it on the EP. It’s a great tune that people love, so maybe one day we’ll actually put out a recording of it. It just needs some electric guitar and crazy sound effects. That’s probably why we held off on it.

OKP: How do you get over any anxiety before hitting the stage to perform live? What are some lessons or tips that you’ve learned from others about doing a stage show?

L: I used to get really nervous performing, but at this point it’s just a normal thing. I still get nervous, but it doesn’t manifest itself quite as badly as it it did when I was younger. For big shows I definitely try to mediate a little bit, and in the days leading up to the show I try and focus on how we’re going to kick ass and kill it on stage. Envisioning success definitely helps with nerves.

A: I try creating a hierarchy of things. I need my drums to feel comfortable and tuned up, I need to be wearing a short sleeve shirt if I can help it, and I definitely need to be clear-minded. I do breathing exercises, stretching, stuff like that. Above all of it though, I just remind myself to have fun. The more I think, the more I am going to screw something up. I play my best when I am able to completely separate my mind from my body.

OKP: If the reader’s learned one thing from this First Look Friday chat with Trap Rabbit — what would it be?

L: Trap Rabbit doesn’t make trap music.

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