First Look Friday: Peyton Is Poised To Impact The Game With Her Passion & Pen

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OKP: What is the overall message that Peyton is trying to present in her music?

P: The feeling of home. A safe place.

OKP: Can you break down the inspiration behind a song that you created but never put out?

P: I drew inspiration from the image of a dewy grass field at 5 am, the color tan, the feeling “Break of Dawn” by Michael Jackson and “Use Your Heart” by SWV gave me and I tried to emulate it in some production I made with that same R&B feel. It is currently entitled “Boomerang”. The message of the song is about how things are not always a fairytale and how there will be some bad moments during your time with someone you are romantically involved with. I have not written any super touchy songs recently about heartache, so I felt that it was time to do so.

OKP: How do you get over any anxiety before hitting the stage to perform live? What are some lessons or tips that you’ve learned from others about doing a stage show?

P: I try to breathe, remember that this is all fun and to take myself out of my own head. I have been told to move more on stage. Since I was very young, I was classically trained and was used to standing still, standing in perfect posture whenever I sang, but I’ve gotten out of that but I am still trying to loosen up more! I have also learned to not over calculate things about the way I moved or the things I would say. That takes the fun out of it.

OKP: If the reader’s learned one thing from this First Look Friday chat with Peyton — what would it be?

P: I truly care about and love music. I have studied the ins and outs of it and have a gift that I would love to share with the world forever.

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