First Look Friday: Peyton Is Poised To Impact The Game With Her Passion & Pen

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OKP: Can you also talk about the importance of the music industry scene as how you’ve experienced it? How do you see it evolving in the next five years?

P: This is an exciting time for expression and the music scene is very diverse. Because of the internet, success in music has become a bit more attainable to people because of how quickly and easily you can connect with the world. Unfortunately, that leaves room for those who want to make music for the wrong reasons. I feel that the masses are starting to appreciate true artistry again and that the true artists are starting to outweigh the phony. In the next five years, I hope there will be fewer artists who blow up overnight for making some song with no passion behind their sound.

OKP: What are some things that you’ve learned about yourself that comes out in your music?

P: Something that I have learned about myself is that I am now much better with my words and that definitely shows in my music

OKP: What was the first song that you ever wrote entitled? Can you talk about what it has come to symbolize since you’ve entered into the professional life?

P: My earliest memory of a song that I wrote is a song called “Speak From Your Heart”. It is about being honest and true to who you are. I have always stood by being your most authentic self and being honest about how you feel. There are plenty of clones out but I feel if you always continue to be the best you, you can better connect with the world.

OKP: How can your music speak truth to power in an age where people are so quickly digesting sounds and disposing of artists in a nanosecond?

P: When I decided to start making my own music, I knew I wanted it to be taken seriously and to last forever. I wanted whatever I made to sound classic and for listeners to feel the passion and the love behind it all. Even if I do not always make a classic song, my hope is that someone can hear and/or feel the passion in it. Although we are in a time where things are moving so quickly, I feel good music will prevail and will last.

OKP: Collaboration is uniquely a key to the success of certain creative individuals who wish to change the game. Who would you want to work with this year going into the next and why?

P: I would love to collaborate with James Fauntleroy, Kari Faux, Thundercat, Kid Cudi, M.I.A., Knxwledge, TOKiMONSTA, Gorillaz, Phony Ppl and T-Pain. I would love to write for T-Pain, James Fauntleroy, Thundercat, and Kid Cudi because I feel that I could write something that fits their style lyrically and melodically. I would love to work with Phony Ppl, The Gorillaz, Knxwledge, and TOKiMONSTA because they have unique sounds that I feel would mesh very well with mine.

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