Desus & Mero Give An All City Performance at Kings Theatre in Brooklyn [Recap]

Desus & Mero Give An All City Performance at Kings Theatre in Brooklyn [Recap]

Desus & Mero Give An All City Performance at Kings Theatre in Brooklyn

Source: Viceland

Desus and Mero sold out Brooklyn’s Kings Theatre for their borough comedy tour and showed haters (and DJ Envy) why the brand is vibranium strong.

Desus and Mero take the stage amidst ear-shattering applause and shrills from the welcoming Brooklyn audience. “Who here is a fan of the number one late night talk show?” asked Desus Nice to overwhelming approval. And rightfully so, myself, I have been a fan of the duo since they were cutting up on pop culture, music, and street shit in the early days of Twitter.

Fast forward some odd number of years, and Desus and Mero are certified stars-in-the-making, but already hood-celebrities-in-the-now. How so? The duo’s five borough comedy tour of New York City was sold out everywhere they went (yes, even Staten Island) and when they hit the legendary Kings Theatre in Flatbush, Brooklyn, no one expected anything less.

Their story is known the world over by now, Desus and Mero are regulars on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, have an incredibly influential late-night talk show on Viceland (where former Attorney General Eric Holder was a guest), and have their finger on the pulse of who and what’s cool as real n***as from the BX.

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In fact, when the guys took the stage and officially renamed their last night of performing, “Broke N***a Coachella,” everyone in the room got it. We’re all mostly from the struggle (sans the Yacubs in the building who were welcomed guests) and we are reveling in the success of these two hood dudes making good. “Two dirty n***as from the BX sold-out Kings Theatre,” THE KID MERO said, celebrating the accomplishment with a cup of only-he-knows. 3,000 bodies packed out the theatre, ready to laugh, swag surf, and get buck, while Desus and Mero kicked jokes about how Brooklyn is gentrifying faster than the Bronx. “It’s because they tried to build condos next to the projects,” Mero said, answering his own comment.

It was interesting to see them live and in living color. I’ve had run-ins with Desus mainly—he’s out in the streets obviously, while Mero is a husband-and-father—at places such as the 40/40, Viceland, and even shared stories about working at the same industry gigs. But to see them essentially do their podcast with a mixture of stand-up provided the rare opportunity to see the genius, pain, and sheer #BlackNBrownBoyJoy these two have for escaping the trappings and barbed wires placed by enemies of their skin tone.

Desus & Mero Give An All City Performance at Kings Theatre in Brooklyn

Photo Credit: Kevin L. Clark for Okayplayer


When talk turned to traveling around the city in an Uber, only New Yorkers and those in major cities could understand the end result of sharing an Uber Pool from Brooklyn to the Bronx for a $90 dollar trip. “You’re basically in a relationship from now on with whoever you’re in the carpool with,” Desus said. “You’re sharing life goals, learning about their past, and at the end of the ride you might just change that destination to the same one.”

Ha, man, let me tell you if you’re taking an Uber Pool from Brooklyn to the Bronx, you’re coming away with some shared loans, a conjoined credit score and all that.

“There should be hours inside the Uber where you can throw up,” Mero said, insinuating that late nights in an Uber should be favorable for those who are out there in the streets.
As the show went on, it felt like we were participants in a live performance. Desus and Mero chatted it up with those in the front row. Pointed out people who were smiddacked and who were too cool for school. But they saved their best barbs and roasts for their number one “star,” DJ Envy. Under the guise of continuing their “apology tour,” Desus and Mero took turns delivering apologies to the audience for trite inconveniences. “Sorry, sorry, is that your wife?” Desus asked a patron. “I’m sorry, I won’t make any more jokes about her.”

“I can’t even walk into The Breakfast Club safely anymore,” he added.

The DJ Envy ambush is still a sore spot for Desus and Mero fans as well. One guy who sat in front of me, repeatedly said, “F**k DJ Envy,” while sending his middle fingers to the sky like he was a Puerto Rican 2Pac. It was justified since Envy, plus DJ Akademiks and Jason Whitlock at one time or another raised the ire from these not-Hollywood-at-all guys from the Bronx. And poking these bears who wear Yankee fitteds like it’s their uniform are not the ones to be having a war-of-words with.

One of the most interesting conversations—and trust me, there were plenty—came when talk turned to #Beychella. “Beyoncé put on the blackest show in history, didn’t she?” Desus asked the crowd. The roar of approval led to a story about how someone in the camp texted Desus to make sure he was going to be ready for last night’s (April 15) show because he was up all night live-tweeting the Beyoncé x Coachella performance (possibly under the influence). “Jay-Z should just do ad-libs over Bey’s stuff from now on,” Mero added, much to the approval of the audience.

Rounding third and going into the home stretch, Desus and Mero really nailed it on the head as to what this opportunity means for two “scumbags” from the Bronx. For Mero, who now lives in New Jersey with his wife and four kids, it is a sign of transition. Leaving the barren plains of East Tremont for the land across the river, where he has a front and backyard, plus a two car garage. “I grew up sleeping on a cot, y’all,” Mero shared with the entire theatre. “My mother told me that I should be happy, when she grew up she had to sleep on dirt—and like it!”

Desus & Mero Give An All City Performance at Kings Theatre in Brooklyn

Photo Credit: Seth Olenick


“We could’ve ended up as Black Israelites or Showtime Dancers,” Desus said, following his Boogie Down Bredren. “I would’ve been kicking old ladies in the head, doing messed up versions of the Chicken Noodle Soup.” It was there you see the diamond in the rough. We all want something out of this life. We all want to feel good to put money in your mailbox. We all want to have a nice crib, safe from harm, and to be able to cop the things we want out of life. For Desus and Mero, they are on that journey to get that and more.

With talks of getting into movies, writing scripts, participating in animated projects, and just making an impression on the big players in Hollywood — Desus and Mero refuse to turn their back on the hood but know they have to leave it in order to make a genuine impact. It is that impact that I appreciate so much, it gives me faith personally that I don’t have to be anyone but myself in order to make my dreams come true. Even if the night was full of dirty jokes, lots of drinks, and raucous energy, you know, you just know that it is directed to a great place because the brand is what? Strong!

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Desus and Mero closed out their sold-out show at Kings Theatre by running down their laundry list of AKAs, doing them in this call-and-response type of way that showed who watches more than just the Viceland show, and really is a part of #BodegaHive.

What’s next for the Young Charcuterie Without The Coonery and The Dominican Don Dada? We’ll be watching and it’ll surely be something that you’ve never seen or heard before.

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