Big Poppa: The 10 Best Father's Day Songs To Play For Pops

Big Poppa: The 10 Best Father's Day Songs To Play For Pops

Father's Day Jams: Nas & Olu Dara

Sons, daughters, wives and family members all across the world, please recognize that today is Father’s Day. Real talk, while not everyone is lucky enough to have one present in their life, for those who do — this is the moment to show your love to the guy who taught you how to fight, ride a bike and all that stuff. Throughout the numerous decades that hip-hop has been in existence, there have been many songs — both modern and throwback — that have been dedicated to fathers.

Whether it has been good like Jay Z and Kanye West‘s “New Day, bad like 2Pac‘s “Papa’z Song” or unabashedly ugly like B-Rock‘s “My Baby Daddy” — it is apparent that dads are an important subject in the culture. So, with that in mind, we urge you to tweet, call, hang-out and just embrace your father on this day and let him know that you love him. If you’re against any of those ideas, but are still open to suggestions, well, please listen to these 10 Father’s Day Rap Songs that are the best to play on this special holiday.

Shaquille O’Neal – “Biological Didn’t Bother”

The multiple-time NBA champion is approaching grandfather age himself, but back when he was young and spry, Shaquille O’Neal dove into his other love outside of hoops, which was rapping. The 7-foot-plus center had a few hits in his discography, but none resonated stronger than his bars about his biological father. Sampling Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth‘s “They Reminiscence Over You (T.R.O.Y.),” Shaq Diesel expresses his deep sentiments towards his step-dad, Phillip A. Harrison. The song would eventually become one of the Big Aristotle’s biggest hits while paying tribute to the man who stepped up and raised him.

Atmosphere – “Yesterday”

Minneapolis rap group, Atmosphere, definitely had some moments to get off their chest when Slug and Ant they came up with this track. Appearing as track no. 9 on the duo’s fifth studio album, When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold, “Yesterday” focused on Slug’s remembrance of his father who passed away before the two could make significant amends. On the cut, Slug examines the precious moments that he had with his old man, which makes us nostalgic to call our pops, too!

Nas – “Daughters”

Love is the motion in this picturesque video starring Nasir Jones and his daughter, Destiny. Over a perfect No I.D. beat, the Queensbridge lyricist does what he does better than others: paint a vivid picture about how he is raising his daughters. An interesting tidbit, courtesy of Genius: Nas originally wanted Eminem and Jay Z on the track, but the former felt he had said too much about his own children, while the latter had scheduling conflicts.

Xzibit — The Foundation

The West Coast legend is extremely proud of being a father to his children. Whether it was talking about the relationship itself (“Carry the Weight”) or breaking down his own childhood, X-to-the-Z has always given fathers, sons and fathers-to-be some game on how to handle those important first steps of parenthood. Yet, it was here on At the Speed of Life, his debut album, where Xzibit lays down the law for his son as he comes of age. What he says on this track is still relevant and important even today!

Royce Da 5’9″ ft. Amerie — “Life”

Detroit’s own, Royce Da 5’9″ has always expressed himself in an aggressive way when it comes to his personal life, his combativeness towards rap competition and whatever personal issue he might be growing through. It is that passion and focus on detail that has endeared Royce to our following of rap fans. With “Life,” the Royce-Nickel crafts a life manual to his son, as he expresses the outlining key message that “perspective is reality,” a note that we should all take to heart. Even if it may be a bit too Socrates-Plato for you (if you’re a certain age) — at least you can appreciate a fatherly-type giving game to you at this point of your life.

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