Willow smith
Willow smith
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Ranking the 10 Best Music Videos To Drop This Week

This week's top music videos feature Young Thug, Willow Smith, Lil Baby, Gucci Mane and others. But, rather than just sharing a random mashup of our picks, we've ranked them.

We're switching things up this week. Instead of merely sharing our favorite videos, we've ranked the best visuals. The killer video that Willow Smith dropped a few days ago is our top select mainly because she literally is serving up Santigold realness and we're into it.

If you keep scrolling you'll see additional selections from artists like Young Thug, Lil Baby, Gucci Mane and countless others. As always, if you're looking for R&B, there are a few of those on our roundup as well. This time, Jorja Smith and Trevor Jackson made the cut.

Keep scrolling for a ranking of the best music videos to release this week.

10. Trevor Jackson – “Your Everything”

The way Trevor Jackson gives actor vibes in every video he’s shot recently is cool. “Your Everything” has a plot, it has a beginning, it has a middle and it has an ending, but it’s a bit wacky.

9. Billie Eilish – “Your Power”

Billie Eilish is hard to pinpoint, but she typically shines when she’s in her emo bag. “Your Power” is a strong track, and the video makes it clear that there are predatory figures in the music industry that seemingly suck the life out of young talent. Eilish is not really our cup of tea, but the visual is a must-watch.

8. Jorja Smith – “Gone”

Jorja Smith seems to be up to something, we’re hoping that something is a new album. The video for her new single “Gone” is moody, it’s also a bit reflective, we like it, we just wish the visual was a bit stronger.

7. Burna Boy – “Kilometre”

There’s a lot of energy in Burna Boy’s “Kilometre” visual, and that’s exactly why we’re into it. He’s serving up a summer anthem perfect for cookouts, day parties and whatever else you’re ready to get into once outside opens again.

6. Lil Baby – “On Me Remix" Ft. Megan Thee Stallion

Regardless of what your Twitter timeline might be saying, this pairing for Lil Baby’s remix to “On Me” works. Megan Thee Stallion eats her bars right up. Also, the visual is different for Lil Baby and it works.

5. Kyle Dion – “Purr Ft. Kari Faux”

Kyle Dion’s “Purr” video is a quirky and eccentric mashup that evoked joy. It was aesthetically vibrant and also provided further proof that Faux is an underrated talent.

4. 21 Savage – “Spiral”

21 Savage’s “Spiral” clip is nutty and dark. But, it gets the job done as it gives SAW fans a taste of what to expect from the upcoming film starring Chris Rock.

3. Gucci Mane – “Shit Crazy Ft. BIG30”

It’s remarkable how Gucci has been able to keep his mixtape sound intact as he’s gotten older. If anything he’s evolved his look and cleaned up, the “Shit Crazy” visual is eye-catching and straight to the point.

2. Young Thug – “Paid The Fine Ft. Gunna, Lil Baby & YTB Trench”

The prison industrial complex is a monster. We’re ranking this video high because it was a positive point of the week when Young Thug and Lil Baby bailed incarcerated individuals out of jail in Georgia. They flipped their good deeds and turned it into a video.

1. Willow Smith – Transparent Soul Ft. Travis Barker

Willow gets all tens across the board for her new single and video “Transparent Soul.” She tops this ranking list due to the fact that she’s leaning into her genre-blending music. It’s not gimmicky, the video is raw and creative as hell.