The 2010s : The 100 Best Songs of The Decade [Playlist]

The 2010s : The 100 Best Songs of The Decade [Playlist]

TheThe 2010s Songs of the Decade Playlist 2010s : 100 Songs That Defined The Decade [Playlist]

Graphic: Evanka Williamson

A one-stop sequence of the decade’s most essential cuts.

Though it may still be too soon to declare what defined it, at the close of the 2010s, a decade in which more music was consumed than at any point before it, we’ve certainly heard our share of contenders.

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But instead of some gaudy round-up, picking apart the mountain of releases we’ve heard over the last ten years and pulling threads between that may not even be fully-formed just yet, we’re opting for the only appropriate presentation of this much music in the streaming age. Cue, Okayplayer’s 100 Best Songs of The Decade playlist, your one-stop sequence for the most essential cuts of the 2010s. From chart-toppers to underground anthems to the many invented genres of a decade that aspired to get beyond genre, there’s no corner unturned, no star unaccounted for.

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Hear a selection of the best songs from the 2010s below. Hit the link to subscribe to Okayplayer’s Spotify channel and never miss another true note.


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