20 New Hip-Hop & R&B Albums You Should Listen To Right Now (Week Of Nov. 13)


This week, there are new hip-hop albums from artists like Goodie Mob, Hope Tala, 2 Chainz, DaniLeigh, Future and Lil Uzi Vert, and more.

There is an overwhelming amount of music that drops on New Music Fridays. Unless you have hours of free time, it’s almost impossible to wade through all the sewage out there to get to the good stuff.

That’s where Okayplayer comes in. On Friday morning, we are out here listening to as much new music as humanly possible. This week, the album with the most hype is Future and Lil Uzi Vert’s Pluto x Baby Pluto. It’ alright — worth a listen or two, but not really fucking with some of the albums they dropped earlier in the year. And definitely not the best album to drop this week.

This week, there are new hip-hop and R&B albums from artists like Goodie Mob, 2 Chainz, DaniLeigh, Hope Tala, Masego, and Salaam Remi that you also want to tap in to.

Future & Lil Uzi Vert — Pluto x Baby Pluto

Atlantic & Epic Records

Future and Lil Uzi Vert — aka Pluto and Baby Pluto — have released their long-awaited collaboration album. They have been teasing this one for a while — dropping some crumbs on social media throughout the year. They also released a Hype Williams-directed video for the Wheezy-produced heater “That’s It.”


Goodie Mob — Survival Kit

Photo Credit: Organized Noize & Goodie Mob

This is the Dungeon Family reunion we’ve been waiting for. Goodie Mob’s new album, Survival Kit, is the first LP from the group since their hugely disappointing Age Against the Machine project. Survival Kit was produced entirely by Organized Noize and features appearances from Big Boi and André 3000. Kujo recently spoke to us about the new album, saying: “[The new album] sounds like Organized Noize and Goodie Mob… reaching back into those other days, into those old days, and bringing it back up to date to what’s going on now,” Kujo Said. It’s just a collage of all the things. It’s relevant… it’s 21st-century shit.”

2 Chainz — So Help Me God!

Photo Credit: Def Jam

2 Chainz’s latest album, So Help Me God!, features appearances from Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Mulatto, Kevin Gates, Lil Uzi Vert, and more. One of the standouts from the album is  “Southside HOV,” a song that 2 Chainz said JAY-Z was a fan of.  However, don’t hold expect a remix. 2 Chainz said,  “As far as trying to get him on something, yes, I’ve given up on that.”


Hope Tala — Girl Eats Sun

Photo Credit: Jasmine Music Limited

London singer Hope Tala drops off a sunny collection of songs called Girl Eats Sun. Speaking about the EP, in a press release, Hope Tala said:

“At the core of Girl Eats Sun is an assertion of confidence and boldness. The title is a paraphrase of, ‘if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen’ — as the girl eating the sun, I’m daring and fearless. I chose this title because I feel as if the songs and stories on this project are more vivid and inventive than anything I’ve released thus far, and I’ve pushed my sound in different, exciting directions.”


Aesop Rock — Spirit World Field Guide

Photo Credit: Rhymesayers Entertainment

It’s been four years since a solo Aesop Rock released a new hip-hop album (2016’s amazing The Impossible Kid.)  His new album, Spirt World Guide, features 21 tracks of knotty storytelling. He describes the album more on his Bandcamp page:

“The narrator’s vast expertise of multiple global entry points and various modes of inter-dimensional transport informs a rich tapestry of tips, tricks and tools to unfailingly aid in your ultimate survival. If you are among the countless individuals who find themselves feeling both dead and alive at the same time, the information contained within may serve as an invaluable asset to your journey. Godspeed and good luck.”


DJ Kay Slay — Homage

Photo Credit: StreetSweepers Ent

DJ Kay Slay drops something for the New York City-traditionalists. Homage is short — nine songs — but features basically every rapper who’s ever wore a pair of Timberlands and an Avirex leather. The centerpiece of Slay’s new hip-hop EP is the relentless “Rolling 50 Deep;” the song is 17 minutes long and features 50 MCs. 


Lil Tracy — Designer Talk 2

Photo Credit: TORESHI, LLC

Lil Tracy, who is the son of Ishmael Butler and Cheryl “Coko” Clemons from SWV, released the sequel to his 2018 EP. On Designer Talk 2, Tracy gets help from Chief Keef, Pi’erre Bourne, Lil Keed, and more. Back in March, Tracy conducted an interview with his father where he talked about the origins of his emo-rap style. He said:

 “It all stemmed from the guitar, and bands like The Helio Sequence and The Shins. I always liked the guitar sound. I used to listen to that heavy punk shit. So it was always there, and adding the singing to it just came naturally.”

Masego — Studying Abroad 

Photo Credit: UMG

The super talented Masego has released his first project since his Lady Lady album in 2018. This one is an EP, which is carried by “Mystery Lady,” which features Don Toliver.


Father — Come Outside, We Not Gone Jump You

Photo Credit: Father

It’s been a while, but Atlanta rapper Father finally blessed fans with a new hip-hop album. Come Outside, We Not Gone Jump You features some of the most eccentric music of Father’s career. Tap in.


Pink Siifu & Fly Anakin — FlySiffu’s

Photo Credit: Lex Records

Pink Siifu and Fly Anakin link for an epic new hip-hop album, FlySiifu’s. There are excellent verses all around, but check out $ilkMoney on “Foisey’s Interlude.” Whew.

theMIND — Don’t Let It Go To Your Head

Photo Credit: TheMind

Philadelphia rapper and singer theMIND dropped Don’t Let it Go to Your Head, a moody new project entirely produced by Da-P.


Salaam Remi — Black on Purpose 

Photo Credit: Louder than Life Records

Legendary producer Salaam Remi releases an album for the times with Black on Purpose. This one is jam-packed with guest appearances: Black Thought, Busta Rhymes, D-Nice, Common, and more lace their tracks.

Sango — SHANGO 

Photo Credit: Wright Music Group

Seattle-based DJ Sango just keeps on releasing new music. Just two months after he dropped Da Rocinha 4, Sango releases a new project of jams called SHANGO.

Amaarae — The Angel You Don’t Know 

Photo Credit: Sad Saints Angry Angels

In a recent interview, Amaarae said, “I want to be the quintessential African princess of pop… But I wouldn’t want to have to sacrifice the integrity of my music to do that.” The Ghanaian-American artist gets one step closer with her steller debut Angel You Don’t Know.

Chris Crack — Haters Forget They were Fans First

Photo Credit: New Deal Collectives

Chicago MC Chris Crack has some of the best song titles in hip-hop. Here are some of the titles featured on his new album, “Haters Forget They Were Fans First,” “Fap With the Good Lotion,” “Sandwiches Fit tin Weed Bags,” “Winners Just Losers That Didn’t Quit,” and “Ice Cream Machine Wasn’t Broke in the 90’s.”

DaniLeigh — Movie

Photo Credit: Def Jam

DaniLeigh is an artist that does a bunch of things well On Movie, the follow-up to her debut The Plan, she embraces her R&B side. She talked about this decision in an interview with AudioMack:

“The way I make an album is just going through life and always recording. I always, always go through it, and I just happened to pick all the best records, and it just happened to be a more R&B album.”

Kodak Black — Bill Israel

Photo Credit: Atlantic Records

Kodak Black is currently locked up, serving 46 months in federal prison for a gun charge. But Atlantic records was able to gather 11 songs for a new album. This one features Gucci Mane, Lil Yachty, and a certain sociopathic rapper we don’t like to talk about anymore.

Cakes da Killa — Muvaland

Photo Credit: Classic Music Company

New York city rapper Cakes da Killa drops a project that merges house music with hip-hop. Speaking about the project, and how it compares to his Hedonism album, Cakes said:

“I’ve developed a lot as far as my lyricism, and I’ve developed as an adult, I’ve developed as an artist… But it’s also a weird thing because I kind of reverted back the person I was when I made my first project which was like, ‘I don’t give a fuck.’ So now it’s that, ‘No fucks given’ mentality with the evolved-ness of the journey of a 30-year-old. I’m not 21 anymore writing songs about sucking dick, I’m 30-years-old talking about my pansexuality. It’s an evolution y’know? A full-circle moment.”


Quakers — II – The Nex Wave

Photo Credit: Stones Throw Records

Thirty-three tracks, 31 rappers, three producers. This is Stones Throw’s Quakers, an album driven by production from Supa K, 7STU7, and Fuzzface. This one features appearances from some of your favorite vets, from Guilty Simpson to Sampa the Great to Jonwayne.

Blac Youngsta — F*ck Everybody 3

Photo Credit: Epic

Blac Youngsta, one of the silliest rappers in contemporary music, rounds out F*ck Everybody trilogy. He trades verses with DaBaby, Lil Durk, Lil Baby, and more.

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