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Year’s Best: Okayplayer’s Top 12 LPs Of 2012

Year’s Best: Okayplayer’s Top 12 LPs Of 2012

Okayplayer top 12 albums of 2012

cover artwork by Kehinde Wiley for Santigold's LP Master of My Make-Believe

9. Santigold – Master of My Make-Believe
Like Landing On a Hundred, Santigold‘s Master Of My Make-Believe is a long-overdue follow-up to a much-loved debut LP, although in her case the gap between the release of Master and the acclaimed Santogold is a mere 4 years. The gap still leaves a sort of fire-break, however, that the tracks on her sophomore LP had to burn extremely hot in order to leap across. With early songs like “LES Artistes”; “Creator” and most of all “Shove It,” Santi almost single-handedly invented a new genre, lashing together elements of neo-soul and the bass-heavy sonics of Philly club music onto her grounding in the punk/ska band Stiffed. It was a sound which like-minded collaborators such as Diplo and M.I.A almost instantly made the sound of a hipster generation in search of a sonic identity. Santogold was so original, in fact, that it was hard to know exactly what to expect from a sequel. Make-Believe proved to be a subtler–in some ways stronger–but less splashy progression from the debut. If “Shove It” was Santi’s punky reggae call to arms, “Disparate Youth” was its Empire Strikes Back. In his okayplayer review, Jeff Harvey used the song as a prism to describe what had changed–and what remained the same–about Santigold’s music: “With jittery keys and drums belying a mid-tempo trance groove, lyrics of rebellion are delivered with world weary resolution as opposed to reckless abandon, as if sombered by a newfound awareness of the struggle that will come after the uprising.” Or to put it in album terms, having done it once, it was natural but perhaps unfair, to expect Santi to invent a new genre every time out, rather than exploring and mapping the world she created. That journey of exploration, on Master Of My Make-Believe, is not only a brilliant set of songs in her signature style. With their particular blend of disaffection and uncompromising rebellion “Disparate Youth”; “Go!”; “The Keepers” and the other compositions collected here are far more telling soundtrack of our moment in history than the trap and EDM that will inevitably be recycled in future movies set in 2012.

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