Xavier Omär Releases "Afraid" Single
Xavier Omär Releases "Afraid" Single
Artwork courtesy of SoundCloud.

Xavier Omär Is All In His Feelings On His New Single "Afraid"

Xavier Om\u00e4r Releases "Afraid" Single Artwork courtesy of SoundCloud.

Singer Xavier Omär, who you might remember as SPZRKT, has just released a new single called "Afraid". The song is the first track from his two-song release with Red Bull Sound Select.

On "Afraid," it's clear Xavier has serious trust issues. Over Bizness Boi's downbeat production, Xavier sings:

Losing love, unrequited

Was it truly love? undecided

Hard times, I'm broken

Past lies, they leave you open

I try, I'm hopeless

At night, no way of coping

With this shredded heart

Can I get reparations for the pain?

The project with Red Bull Sound Select is Xavier's first major release since he dropped his The Everlasting Wave EP in October.

Give "Afraid" a listen below.