This Racist Chinese Detergent Add Will Anger Your Soul

WTF?! Racist Chinese Detergent Add Will Anger Your Soul


If you haven’t been on the internets the past few days, you might have missed this angering, rage-inducing Chinese detergent commercial. The Qiaobi brand created, filmed and casted a commercial where a black man was stuffed into a washing machine and “transformed” into a fair-skinned Asian man. The clip, which begins with the black man hitting on a young Chinese woman, finds the latter putting a detergent packet into his mouth, and forcing him headfirst into a washing machine.

You can watch the full thing below and see the absurdity for yourself:

As you see her sits on the lid, the black man shrieks in agony. A few moments later, an Asian man emerges in clean clothes and the women grins, giving her approval. The concept was taken from an Italian commercial which aired in China nine years ago. Either way, the commercial has pissed people off on social media, as they said that the advert was pure, unadulterated “raw racism.” With more than one million views on YouTube, the Chinese commercial places the area in an unflattering light.

Historically, China has had almost no migration by people of African descent. Whenever people of color do arrive, they are almost always treated as if they are some exotic animal where the populace follows them around and takes pictures annoyingly. The attitudes in China where white skin is prized over having dark-skinned makes commercial like the Qiobi one flourish. Making matters worst is that the commercial was reportedly shown in cinemas earlier this month.

What do you think of this advertisement? How does it make you react? Share with us!

H/T: Shanghaiist

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